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Arie Gamliel

This is Arie Gamliel, a long-distance Olympic runner, Arie participated in the Los Angeles Olympic. Holding 30 Israeli Championship title, Arie held national records at the 2000 3000, for 26 years at 10000 meters with a 28:42.

"I am a director of the road-racing department at the Athletics Association and a coach of professional and amateur running teams. I had a lot of inflammation in my tendons and muscles. Right after two and a half weeks, I began to feel the change, the muscles pain and aches were gone! I became sprinter, much more flexible, it feels effortless. My performance has improved immeasurably. My recovery from training to training is fantastic. My hart rate during intense exercise dropped significantly. It changes all my abilities. This has reversed my body's age – I became 10, 15 year younger. I just want to run more and more and more! It is not over for me… I feel like I have the opportunity to show my performance, as in the past. Anyone with tendon, muscle and bone inflammations, don’t waste time, not even one day go, buy and start taking the powder. You will meet me on the street, bless me and say to me: "Arie, you made my day." DENSITYSPORT– the powder that will do wonder in your body!".

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Medvedev Andrey

Medvedev is a silver medal European Champion in artistic gymnastics – vault for 2019.

"my name is Medvedev Andrey, I'm a silver medal European Champion in artistic gymnastics – vault for 2019. At the end of 2019, I experienced a very serios injury in my foot in a competition abroad, due to an unsuccessful landing. For me, it's an injury that paralyzes me throughout my whole training, because basically the most important component of the vault is running and jumping. Then, I was fortunate to get to know his supplement, DENSITYSPORT. Two weeks after I started taking it, I felt a huge improvement in the pain level. And, it made me return to my normal load of intensive training, almost immediately, and much much sooner then expected. Therefor, for anyone with any skeletal of bone problems, I highly recommend, DENSITYSPORT".

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Dr. Leonid Kaufman


"I have been Jacob's coach for many years, I started working with him when he was 13, and today he is 28. Starting 3-4 year ago, Jacob suffered from a chronic shoulder joint injury and was limited in many activities, both in and out of the water. He train in the gym very carefully with a few limited exercises. One of the common exercises, called parallel, requires a swimmer to go down and up using his hands, and shoulder joint especially. He has not done this for several years. Now, he dose it regularly and even with weight. And I don’t want to talk too much to… bad luck. So, there is no escape to say that this medication has meaning and has an effect. From time to time, we were offered a lot, all kinds of substances and drugs and powder, and sometimes it is… for promotion and stuff. Here I say, unequivocally, that DENSITYSPORT is a wonder powder. Period."

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Kooshy Rimon 

This is the story of Kooshy Rimon who was seriously ill with bone cancer.

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Joyce Moyer 

This is the amazing story of Joyce and her 94-year-old mother.

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Clara suffered for ten years from knee pain. After she started using DENSITY, her pains went down. In addition, she sees an improvement in her osteoporosis.

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Eva Ashkenazi

Eva's amazing story and how she quickly recovered from an ankle fracture.

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