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Best calcium supplement for women

By :Rita Cohen 0 comments
Best calcium supplement for women

Modern people often experience a deficiency of vitamins and microelements. For example, our body can not produce calcium. It must obtain this essential mineral in sufficient quantity from food. Otherwise, the metabolism is disrupted. This leads to osteoporosis, which is more common in women. It is necessary to keep the right diet, and if it is insufficient in calcium take dietary supplements. Let’s understand which types of supplements are effective for women. 

The body uses calcium to regulate metabolic processes

The human body needs calcium to balance all the substances in the body. It plays a crucial role in the transmission of nerve impulses, regulation of blood pressure and coagulation of blood. Calcium is the basis of bone tissue and teeth. Bones are the largest repository of minerals in our body. If you don’t get enough calcium with food, the body will take it out of the bones for its needs. Calcium can help regulate blood pressure, which is very important for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Scientists have long been aware of his ability to reduce the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome in women.

What is the daily calcium allowance for adults?

How do you know to get enough calcium? The International Health Organization has established a daily calcium rate of 1,000 mg per adult. For women over 50 years of age, the need is slightly increasing to 1200 mg. These figures are more obvious when one considers that a glass of milk contains approximately 305 mg of calcium.

In order for calcium to be well absorbed by the body, you need vitamin D. Make sure that you get it with food and are regularly in the sun.

What groups are the supplemental calcium preparations divided into?

List the main calcium compounds used in the production of biologically active additives:

Carbonate is a budget group of drugs. The concentration of elemental substance in carbonates is higher than in other compounds. However, its absorption depends directly on the acidity of the stomach - when pH is reduced, it drops to almost zero. Carbonate and other types of calcium are usually found in a crystalline form. When it is in its amorphous structure, it is absorbed much better than any additional calcium, regardless of the stomach's pH level.
Hydroxyapatite - almost completely similar to human enamel, so it is well absorbed by teeth.
Chelate — is better absorbed by the body, does not cause calcification, but the price is higher than average.
Phosphate is the highest absorption rate and the lowest risk of constipation.
Citrate is a competitor of chelate, with slightly less absorption.
Gluconate — comparable in terms of digestibility to carbonate.

What supplement for women do doctors recommend and why?

Calcemin Advans

A high-quality drug that contains all the substances necessary to keep the bones healthy. Produced in the USA. It is interesting that Calcemin not only strengthens bone tissue and replaces the calcium deficiency, but also prevents it from washing out of bones.

Can be used during lactation
Suitable for people with chronic renal failure (strictly on the recommendation of a doctor)

Does not cause urinary disease

Natekal D3

Despite the fact that this drug contains a carbonate compound, the absorption of which depends directly on the acidity of the stomach, Natecal can rightly be considered one of the best drugs. The fact that it is not only allowed for pregnant and lactating mothers for the prevention of preeclampsia, but also, due to its form of application, allows you to significantly improve the condition of the teeth, which is also very important for expectant mothers.

Helps prevent rickets and caries in the foetus
Reduces the risk of malformation
Promotes normal development of the fetal nervous system

Country Life, Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium

An American drug on the pill. They contain calcium in several forms, so that the digestion rate is about the same, as well as potassium and magnesium, which will be useful for the prevention of heart diseases.
Suitable for active physical labour
Helps with night cramps
Removes excess fluid from the body

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