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Calcium and its relation to sport

By :Itay Zamir 0 comments
Calcium and its relation to sport

In order to maintain performance, alertness in training and energy, you should provide to your body with all the nutrients that include minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and fiber that the body needs to function optimally. Sometimes, as a result of the processed food that we consume, the body does not get everything it needs and so sometimes we must have supplements to get the minerals and vitamins that we need, we have to get it from other sources to achieve the sporting goals we set for ourselves like performance improvement, body toning and more.


Why do we need vitamins and minerals?

Much of the food we eat today is processed and refined and usually contains food coloring, sugars and preservatives. The fruits and vegetables we consume are sprayed causing essential material processing which was present in fruits and vegetables. The water we drink contains chlorine. In addition, we lose a high percentage of the nutritional values ​​of the food during cooking.

For these and other reasons, we are advised to consume minerals and vitamins as a supplement to help the body's nutritional deficiencies.

Our bodies must have vitamins and minerals in order to exist. As we get older its hard for our body to get the amount we need of vitamins and minerals from the food and so we recommend taking supplements. Vitamins and minerals in general for people and for athletes, help to strengthen the body, maintain a stable and healthy immune system and optimize our lifestyle. Vitamins and minerals in the desired quantity for athletes help improve pain, inflammation, prevent disease, help produce hormones and keep the body systems healthy. People who exercise their bodies must take supplements to have vitamins and minerals at the amount the body needs to improve their results, and more importantly, maintain their muscles and bones.


Why are athletes even more recommended to consume minerals and vitamins?

A person who is exercising requires more of his body than the normal person, so in order to recover from training, prevent injuries and improve performance - the body must be supported through proper nutrition. Intense sports activity often causes sports injuries, joints erosion, inflammation and pain. Taking vitamins and minerals for athletes speeds up the healing process of both muscle and whole-body tissues. Often, we do not reach the nutritional values that are intended for a normal person, especially an athlete - so we need nutritional supplements, which can relatively easily help us reach the necessary values. Vitamins and minerals will help lower fatigue, help the body recover from physical activity, reduce stress and increase blood flow. Vitamins and minerals for athletes will help maintain and increase existing muscle mass and help for the body at building processes.



What is the role of calcium in the body and muscles?

Calcium is the most essential mineral for our bodies. Because its primary job is to preserve the strength of our bones and teeth. To maintain proper levels of calcium, we need to provide our bodies with large amounts of calcium every day.

As we get older, our bodies have a harder time digesting the calcium we consume from food. At this point, it is mainly aided by the calcium reservoirs that have been preserved at this time. If we do not eat a lot of calcium or we did not make sure to feed our bodies enough calcium at a young age, it is very likely that we are at risk of osteoporosis, various dental problems and muscle problems.

Calcium participates in our muscle contraction processes, it optimizes the breakdown of various proteins and fats, among other things, the protein Trosin - which our body uses to produce the dopamine neurotransmitter.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that contributes to feelings of happiness, energy and vigor. It also helps to tighten our muscles when needed so that we can perform basic actions through our muscle movement. Its thresholds streamline communication between the nervous system and our bodies so that we can perform actions faster and more focused.

Calcium is a major part of the electrical singles inside muscle cells and nerve cells so that calcium deficiency can damage muscles and nerves.

Calcium's many functions derive from all its important activities for the body. Calcium ions enter and exit the body cells through the boulders and ducts that are on the cell. This action of calcium ions results in the control of many activities in the cell that affect the neuronal transfer, entry and exit of substances, and other enzymatic activities.

The main functions of calcium are:

  1. Essential for building and strengthening bones and teeth.
  2. It helps reduce lipids and cholesterol there.
  3. Essential for the proper contraction of the heart muscle, blood vessels and body muscles.
  4. It is essential for proper neural transmission between nerve cells and themselves and between nerve cells and muscle cells.
  5. Assists in speeding up enzymatic processes related to protein and lipid decomposition.
  6. Importantly in the process of blood clotting, converting prothrombin to thrombin (blood clotting factors) depends on the presence of calcium ions.
  7. It helps maintain nails and skin tissue.
  8. Assists in the process of secreting hormones from the glands to the blood.




Calcium is important for the activity of the heart and blood vessels

Calcium also contributes to cardiovascular contraction activity. By doing so, it significantly affects the quality of our circulatory activity. In addition, calcium streamlines the bloodstream cleansing process from unhealthy fats accumulated along its length. By doing so, it contributes to the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Calcium actively participates in our blood clotting process: When injured, it helps to convert proteins found in the bloodstream to become active and begin clotting activity. In this way, it helps our bodies avoid a huge loss of blood.


It is important to enrich your body with calcium

As we age, our bodies become more difficult to absorb calcium from food and therefore, we will need to incorporate a dietary supplement throughout our day to maintain proper levels of calcium in our bodies.

Because of the lack of absorption, it is recommended to eat calcium-rich food. These foods can be read in an article about calcium-rich foods.

Calcium is an important mineral that participates in many biological processes, from activation of a signal transduction chain to the activation of important enzymes. It is the element responsible for muscle tightening and is essential for human life.

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