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Can you reverse osteoporosis?

By :Itay Zamir 0 comments
Can you reverse osteoporosis?
In recent decades, there has been a steady ageing of the world’s population and, with it, a rapid increase in the incidence of osteoporosis. It is a condition that is characterized by excessive bone loss. In the European Union alone, according to WHO, osteoporosis causes about 1,700 fractures per day (about 650,000 cases per year).


so can be Osteoporosis be cure?

Osteoporosis can’t be cured, but should be treated regularly for several years. This is a disease in which the bones become more brittle and can easily break. Any accidental fall can turn into a fracture. Lifting weights and tremors while riding also become unsafe for patients with osteoporosis. 


First of all, it is necessary to eliminate the risk factors of osteoporosis, take sufficient amounts of calcium and vitamin D, take other drugs that increase bone strength, as well as regular exercise. 


can be Osteoporosis be cure


What are the reassons for development of osteoporosis?


There are many factors that provoke the development of osteoporosis. Among them are  previous fractures, age over 65 years, low bone density, female sex, early menopause, smoking, alcohol abuse, overweight, vitamin D deficiency, etc. Try to eliminate at least those factors that you can influence. 


What can you do for preventing the development of steoporosis?


Doctors also advise you to review your diet. Most of the calcium is in dairy products. One liter of milk or kefir contains a daily amount of calcium.


Eat more cheese, cottage cheese, fish, nuts, seeds. And vitamin D is formed in the skin by exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D is also found in some foods, such as fatty fish (herring, sardines, salmon).


Calcium and vitamin D can be taken as vitamins, and breaks are not required. It is recommended to reduce the consumption of salt with food. This leads to a decrease in bone density.


Also medics are advised to do physical exercises. In the case of osteoporosis, jumping and strength exercises should be excluded as they may cause injury or aggravate locomotor diseases. Always start with a warm-up - slow walking and muscle stretching exercises.


If any exercise increases pain, slow down or temporarily cancel the exercise, replace it with a lighter one. Gradually increase the training time from 15-20 min to 30-40 min per day.


to prevent the osteoporosis you should do alot of exercise

What are the best methods of treatment osteoporosis?


Modern methods of treatment of osteoporosis involve first of all activities to change the lifestyle and eliminate those risk factors that can be excluded: 


  • сessation of smoking and excessive use of alcohol;
  • elimination or substitution or, if not possible, reduction of dosage of drugs that aggravate osteoporosis
  • balanced nutrition
  • maintaining normal body weight

eating healthy is the best method for preventing osteoporosis


To sum up about osteoporosis?


In some cases, treatment of osteoporosis involves medication and physiotherapy. Therapy should be conducted for a long time, at least three, and sometimes more, years. 


But it is better to prevent osteoporosis at a young age than to treat it with expensive and not always safe drugs.

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