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Amorphous calcium carbonate reduces fracture deflection time by 30% - 40%

By :Eden Ben 0 comments
Amorphous calcium carbonate reduces fracture deflection time by 30% - 40%

Density, the amorphous calcium carbonate, has reduced bone deflection time by 30%-40%. According to new research that has been done, consuming Density also helps reduce pain during healing.
The modern age is forcing us to live at such a high pace, unnoticing that the main sufferer in this race is our body.

The modern age forces us to live at such a crazy pace that we do not notice that the main casualty of this race is our body.


As a result of this lifestyle, we "neglect" our health because we do not provide our body with the vitamins and minerals that it must have to exist. One of the most essential minerals that the body must have is calcium. Our bodies need calcium to maintain strong and healthy bones and function properly in various body systems.

Recent research conducted over a four-month period examined whether amorphous calcium carbonate helps osteoporosis and increases the density and bone strength. The amorphous calcium proves that it has an auxiliary and not only has a preventative effect. The study results indicate an increase in bone density and a significant increase in the mechanical strength of the examined vertebra. 

 As a result, it can certainty be said that taking amorphous calcium is most effective for osteoporosis patients. Improving measures of bone density and even the mechanical strength of the bone. The amorphous calcium has been observed by the fact that more cells appear to build the bone than the cells that destroy it. Also, there was an enhancement of the functionality of these cells.

Density, the amorphous calcium carbonate, is not only unique because it is amorphous calcium, but it is also absorbed better because of its particle nano size. You can read about the differences between microparticle and nanoparticle. The differences are much larger than the size.




Insufficient calcium intake can cause bone disease (osteoporosis)

Osteoporosis is caused by loss of bone mass and is manifested in bone fractures.

Throughout our lives, our bodies are undergoing decomposition and construction, some of the bone is destroyed and some of it rebuilt. Bone depletion occurs when the rate of bone disintegration exceeds its rate of construction.

As a result, the balance between the cells that build the bone and the cells that break it is disrupted.

This process occurs mainly in women after the menstruation has stopped, so the rate of bone breakdown exceeds the rate of build-up, which causes a gradual and continuous decrease in bone compression.


It's important to remember!

Calcium intake from an early age reduces the chance of osteoporosis and fractures at old age.

Calcium deficiency is not apparent in the immediate range since the body manages to maintain calcium levels in the blood through its breakdown of skeletal bones, but in the long run, calcium deficiency causes serious problems, some of which are even life-threatening.


Density, the Amorphous Calcium is a calcium supplement that is absorbed 2 to 4.6 times higher than crystalline calcium carbonate (For the experiment that shows the better absorption of the amorphous calcium, click here). Density helps more and more people around the world to improve their quality of life by increasing their bone mass or slowing down its rate. Therefore, it is advisable to start consuming the amorphous calcium as soon as possible.


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