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Exercise Building Bone - Tips and exercises to prevent osteoporosis

By :Itay Zamir 0 comments
Exercise Building Bone - Tips and exercises to prevent osteoporosis

During life, our bones perform a process called "passing." This process is perpetually carried out, which means the destruction and construction of our bones. In our youth, the rate of bone building is faster than the rate of bone destruction, and so our bone mass increases. This is happening until the early '30s of our lives, then the rate of bone building decreases - and a process of bone depletion, which causes it must weaken and become fragile.

The rate of bone degradation varies from person to person but occurs in everyone. Whereas about 33% of postmenopausal women (One of three women), Osteoporosis compression fracture farms, among men over 55, only 20% (One in five men) of them only.


Who is this happening to? And what are the major signs of illness?

There are no special signs that may alert you to bone loss, sometimes the first sign of osteoporosis is usually only discovered after breaking basically as a result of a fall or bone deformity. The most common fractures are the spine, hips and arms. In Israel, the number of patients today reaches about 150,000 women and men. Every year is caused these patients have 6,000 hip fractures and about 3,500 fractures in other organs. Osteoporosis is the most common cause of incidence fractures among third-year-old. Another way of detecting the disease is through bone density testing.


Major risk factors for osteoporosis

  • Women: Increased risk for women with light skin, low women and thin women.
  • Lifestyle: Consuming alcohol, smoking and drinking coffee.
  • Genetics: An increased risk for those who have been discovered in the immediate family.


What can be done to avoid this? Among other things, sport is a great option

Exercise has many benefits, including helping with recovery and preventing illness. Exercise helps build bone and helps effectively to keep the body safe from osteoporosis. If there is no prohibition from the doctor, you can start a bone-building exercise.

Suitable for everyone - even those who haven't been in physical activity for years or haven't done it at all. Before starting the activity, it is important to do a bone density test to adjust the level and workout load to your physical condition.


What is a bone-building exercise? And what is the connection to space?

NASA found that there is a link between bone strength and its level of resistance. After a group of astronauts returns from space. Although the astronauts were back healthy, they soon began to have crises. In-depth testing and research it was concluded that due to the lack of gravity in space, the bones needed twisting, stretching and compression to prevent their depletion.

Since then, NASA has been using calculations and tools to build exercise regimes that will, if possible, curb bone degradation.

A bone-building activity routine involves walking half an hour a day, in addition to exercising three times a week. Practice correct will also help the body posture, coordination, flexibility and overall physical fitness.

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