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How to prevent hand arthritis?

By :Eden Ben 0 comments
How to prevent hand arthritis?

The early detection of rheumatoid arthritis of the hands can slow the progression of the disease, and in some cases even stop it. Rheumatoid arthritis is an inflammatory degenerative disease that is characterized by most small joints and connective tissues. Can this serious disease be prevented?

Rheumatoid arthritis is a systemic disease that can lead not only to the destruction of joints, bones, but also to inflammatory disorders of the whole body. Inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis symmetrically affects the small joints of the hands, causing deformation and stopping the normal mobility of the hands. As the progression progresses, the rheumatoid arthritis of the fingers, starting with the hands, passes to the wrists, elbows, shoulder joints.

A prerequisite for the success of the treatment is the normalization of body weight, the rejection of smoking, alcohol, the revision of the diet - so, protein food should be limited. The standard therapeutic complex for treating rheumatoid hand arthritis contains pharmaceuticals, physiotherapy, therapeutic

exercise, and a special diet.

Prevention of finger arthritis

The prevention of arthritis is particularly important for individuals with a genetic predisposition to the disease (close relatives with such pathology). In order to maintain their health, they should follow the following recommendations:

it is impossible to load your hands with hard physical or long-term painstaking work, including at home,
do not supercool, avoid hypothermia of the hands,
lead a healthy lifestyle, eat well,
to do feasible sports, to conduct daily training.

As a prevention of arthritis, it is recommended to regularly do exercise for fingers.

During the day - at least 3-4 times - you should do simple exercises for fingers.

What exercises do rheumatologists recommend?

Vigorously rub each other’s palms until you feel warm.
Squeeze and loosen your fists (5-10 times). Then rotate them clockwise and against it.
Try to touch the base of the palm with your fingertips - well stretch the muscles on the back of the hand (5 times).
Touch the tip of your thumb to the base of your pinky (7-10 times).
Extend your hands in front of you and turn your hands with palms upwards and downwards (7-10 times).
Make movements up and down and in a circle with each of their fingers.

Select the right size softball or band-up ring to squeeze and uncuff - for example, during a phone call. Also useful for arthritis is clay or clay molding.

Another important way to prevent hand arthritis is adherence to the diet.

What kind of diet for arthritis?

With any type of arthritis, it is necessary to reduce the use of salt to the exclusion. In addition, you should forget about fried, salty, greasy, smoked, pickled and spicy dishes, sweets and muffins, carbonated drinks, alcohol and coffee.
Should be to reduce the consumption of pastry and sweets, replace red meat with poultry. A balanced diet helps to normalize weight, which is also important for joint diseases.

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