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Stress Fractures

By :Rita Cohen 0 comments
Stress Fractures

Each day, the physiological processes of bone-building and decomposition occur with the help of osteoblasts (builders) and osteoclasts (destroyers). Apart from this, a bone breakdown may be affected by our lifestyle, and exerting a bone load leads to local destruction in its structure. In a situation where we allow ourselves enough rest and recovery, our body repairs and renews itself through bone-building and strengthening. In a situation where the bone rehabilitation rate is lower than the rate of demolition, the chances of fractures increase. Without treating a stress fracture at the appropriate time, an actual fracture may develop, so it is advisable to treat stress fractures as soon as possible.


What causes stress fractures?

Too intense activity, too long-distance runs, overloading over time, muscle tension and fatigue, walking on a poor surface, shoes that do not match the foot structure and poor calcium diet - are the main causes of bone overload, and as a result, occur stress fractures. Fragments of stress can also be caused in cases of weak bones, including in patients with osteopenia and osteoporosis (a disease resulting from decreased bone density and weakening). It is important to make it clear that women's chances of suffering from stress fractures are two times higher than men, due to their higher tendency to suffer from osteoporosis.

Other situations that may require stress fracture treatment are physical exertions such as weightlifting at work. If you still want to reach your sporting or aesthetic aspirations, or if your circumstances require you to make some physical or other endeavors, you may want to gradually adjust your diet and adjust your calcium intake.


The difference between stress fractures and ordinary fractures

The difference between the two types of fractures is due to the rate of fracture occurrence: unlike crises caused by beatings (one-time trauma), fragments of effort are created gradually (continuous trauma). The main areas of the body that are prone to fractures are the lower extremities: the calf bone, the leg bone, the calf bone, the comb bones, the pelvic bones and the hips. The symptoms of stress fractures are sensitivity, pain, swelling and regional redness.



Calcium-treated stress fractures: Long-term thinking

If you are wondering how to cure stress fractures, or what is the process of recovery from stress crises - you have come to the right place: conventional and immediate stress fracture treatment will require rest, physical therapy, and a moderate physical effort. If your effort fractures are dealt with in this way, you may recover from the stress fractures, but will not improve your chances of preventing them from happening in the future.

Treatment of stress fractures with long-term thinking requires a change in the calcium balance that is affected by changes in calcium levels in the diet, the level of absorption in the body and the degree of urinary excretion. Calcium is also essential in metabolic processes, and when there is not enough of it in our body, the body will use its calcium deposits: bones and teeth. The upshot is that if you lack calcium in your body, a little effort may produce shock - and thus you will have to go into a stress fracture treatment process. Strengthen your bones regularly through adequate calcium intake - and treating your stress fracture is not required at all.

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